Drought Damage

The lack of moisture in the ground has been causing the soil to crack open and pull away from homes’ concrete bases, causing drought damage. When the foundations move they cause structural damage that can lead to problems above the ground. Windows don’t open properly. You can get large cracks in the foundation wall, cracks in brick work and mortar, cracks in drywall.

Experts say the problem is made worse in areas where the soil is largely clay, which is more prone to movement when moisture evaporates. Cities with an abundance of brick homes are also seeing more problems because brick weighs more than siding or wood and therefore adds more stress to foundations.

Repairs are expensive because they involve more than simply patching up the cracks. Oftentimes, piers must be installed beneath a home to help it better withstand shifts in the soil. This involves hydraulically driving concrete cylinders sections deep into the soil to the point of refusal, and it is costly. (as a note: No reputable foundation company hits bedrock)

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