The foundation of your home is exactly that, the foundation. The base on which everything stands. Any small mistake or discrepancy can mean a potential nightmare. Damage can be hard to recognize andSan Antonio Foundation Repair spot and even tiny errors can lead to big problems and the need for San Antonio Foundation Repair. Damages can escalate quickly, so prevention can be incredibly important. 

A San Antonio Foundation Repair Company can be invaluable as almost all foundation work should be done by skilled professionals. However, there are still some valuable guidelines for mistakes to avoid and problems to be aware of that can make all the difference for prevention and mitigation. Understanding the process and what to look for can help with avoiding missteps. 

With The Arredondo Group, foundation repair issues will always be avoided, but new foundation installation can bring a number of pitfalls to be aware of. Knowing the potential for some of these errors can save you time and money in the long run, and can help you catch things before they get out of hand. Here are some of the most common foundation mistakes to be aware of. 

Waterproofing Problems

Waterproofing issues can prove to be devastating if not noticed or left unchecked. Most foundations are made of durable but porous materials such as cement or concrete. Over time, weather conditions, humidity, and temperatures can lead to damage from water seeping in and then expanding and contracting. 

If you are constructing a new home, always insist on full waterproofing. Damp-proofing alternatives should be avoided even in warmer climates. Hoping that water damage won’t be an issue isn’t a risk you want to take considering the potential damages. Liquid rubber compounds can give you a full protection seal.

If your home is already built and not waterproofed, it can be very worth the investment to have your foundation dug out and waterproofed by a San Antonio Foundation Repair Company. The potential savings can be incredibly valuable. 

Weather Factors And Drying Time

One huge factor in the strength of your foundation is whether or not it has dried properly. Drying times vary due to the mix ratios used, materials, and weather and climate conditions. Settling, sagging, and cracking can all arise from a poorly poured and dried foundation. Rain conditions and humidity can mean additional drying time is needed. These calculations and considerations can save a lot of aggravation in the future. Never rush things without weather considerations. 

Ill-advised DIY

It is easy to be tempted by DIY solutions on any home improvement project and homebuilding can be so costly already that finding corners to cut can seem appealing. Foundation pouring and San Antonio Foundation Repair is not at all an area where DIY should be considered an option however. The heavy equipment and specialized knowledge is not something to be emulated by an amateur. If on a budget, talk to your contractor about helping out with less specialized tasks to reduce paid worker expenses. 

Inferior Materials

Materials mean everything for San Antonio Foundation Repair. An experienced contractor will know the nuances of which materials to use for what, but less experienced foundation contractors may recommend materials that are inappropriate for the needs of the job or are insufficient for the task at hand. Cost cutting can be a problem and though you may save a little upfront, in the long run you will likely pay for it with interest. 

San Antonio Foundation Repair has many pitfalls to avoid, but with some awareness and knowledge a house can stand strong and steady for decades to come.