Concrete slab foundations are one of the primary methods of home construction. A strong solid foundation of concrete with rebar reinforcement was a common construction method sometime after the 1970’s. A flawed or damaged foundation can be a devastation. 

Damage and deterioration can be caused by a pretty wide range of things. Repairing slab foundations San Antonio can be brought on by soil erosion, climate issues, plumbing problems, or drainage issues, just to name a few. It is important to be aware of the first signs of a problem and know what to look out for. Excessive heat conditions, rain erosion, flooding, and drought can all greatly influence slab foundation repair San Antonio

Here are 2 of the most common tips on what you should be aware of when it comes to foundation repair. It is always wise to call an experienced foundation repair contractor and have them assess the condition and needs of your slab. The Arredondo Group can help with repairing slab foundations San Antonio and treat your foundation accordingly. A professional slab repair contractor should be able to really pinpoint how to best stop deterioration or suggest other possible options. Identifying the cause is always the very first step. Recognizing these signs of trouble may save you extensively in the future. 

Repairing Slab Foundations San Antonio Fractures

One noticeable sign is if you see gaps in your foundation exterior. This can show a definite sign of deterioration and should lead to seeing cracks in the floor or walls. These fissures can cause serious direct problems. Over time your house will shift and there can be movement due to many factors. That can cause these fractures and also make them much worse over time. Expanding and contracting soil due to temperature and weather conditions is the common cause of this issue.

Hairline fissures are common and normal when small. Especially in the first few years after construction. If you are seeing significant horizontal cracking in your slab however, your house may be settling too much. Horizontal cracking is a much greater concern than vertical fractures and can show pressure problems. Even a ¼” gap can lead to disaster. If you see this kind of fracturing you should call for professional help immediately for repairing slab foundations San Antonio.

Sinking And Settlingrepairing slab foundations San Antonio

If your foundation is sinking or having abnormal settling problems this needs to be looked into immediately. How your house settles can vary a lot. Over time you may see that one side of your foundation has sunk lower than another or you may notice some sag in the middle of your house. Installing foundation piers can be a big undertaking. The big issue with sinking is that even a small discrepancy such as a half inch dip on one side could quickly grow into a very large problem. Without proper action taken this can spiral quickly. A half inch dip is one thing, a 4 inch dip is another. Extensive settling and uneven sinking can lead to safety issues and should not be ignored. Calling for an assessment early can fend off these escalations and ultimately save you a lot of money and stress. 

Foundation repair can be stressful and any time you put it off or ignore it you may be incurring greater future expense, or even risk leaving your family at danger. Knowing when repairing slab foundations San Antonio is needed can have a huge impact. 

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