There is arguably nothing more important to the strength and longevity of a home than it’s foundation. The base upon which everything is built. So, what is needed to ensure a quality foundation? It really comes down to strength and stability and ways to maintain it. There are many types of foundations, and while beam and pier systems can also be found in the San Antonio area, slab foundations are still the most common. 

San Antonio Slab Repairs can be important to ensuring the longest home life and can be integral to other potential problems noticed. Slabs are often chosen by Foundation Contractors San Antonio because they are the most economical and affordable foundation option, and slabs are very solid if managed and maintained well. Some climates, weather conditions, and soil qualities can influence other options being a better fit, but slabs typically work well because of the lower cost of materials, protection from insects and rot, and the speed at which they can be installed. 

There are some common maintenance and repair needs associated with slab foundations, however. Let’s take a closer look at slab repair issues and the types of repairs that are typically assigned by Foundation Contractors San Antonio.

Cracks In The Foundation

Even the most competent Foundation Contractors San Antonio can install a foundation that deals with cracking issues. Cracks can come from various causes and each one can be a different set of hurdles and repair solutions. 

Concrete that is hastily or improperly cured can be susceptible to hairline cracks. Though they can be incredibly thin, the depth can still be cause for major concern and lead to structural stability problems. 

A foundation needs even pressure to not have offset cracks from unevenness. Leveling can be difficult due to tree roots or changing soil conditions. 


One cause of many potential issues is soil expansion. This is due to moisture in the ground increasing the weight of surrounding soil. The increase in soil weight can cause upheaval of the foundation in spots lifting areas up. Frost can also play a significant role, as thawing and freezing will expand and contract the soil leading to movement in the foundation that can cause cracking and unlevelness. San Antonio Slab Repairs often deal with altering drainage systems to divert water stagnation and build up. 

Design Flaws Leading To San Antonio Slab Repairs

Human Error is always a factor. There are many key measurements involved in pouring a slab foundation with many details that can have a great impact if a few measurements are off. Not only do the foundation dimensions need to be flush, but soil types and geological conditions also play a huge part. 

Poor consideration of all these factors and conditions and not measuring heights and depth accordingly is often a large part of what ends up causing issues after settling. 


Settling is a natural process, but things can definitely go wrong. Typically settling takes multiple years and is a normal thing. While every house does need to settle, soil erosion can make this process uneven or cause sinking beyond intended. Sinking areas of the foundation can cause cracking and damages and can even make walls uneven. Doors and windows sticking is often the first sign of trouble. 

Knowing the problems and signs is important to catching things in time. San Antonio Slab Repairs left unchecked and unnoticed can greatly increase in cost. Cutting corners or neglecting inspection can cause problems down the road. Keep your foundation strong and your house stays strong as well. 

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