Having to sell your home is stressful enough. It can be made an even more stressful situation if you have foundation problems on top of that. If there’s one thing that will make a potential buyer run away, it’s needing slab repairs on a foundation. In a lot of cases, homeowners have had to drop their prices to sell their homes, or they go without offers at all. It might be that it’s best to invest in the foundation repair costs that it will take to shore up the base of the home and make it safe again. Here are some options to consider if you have chosen to take that path.

house foundation repair

House foundation repair options for the endurance of your home

Most homes are built with a concrete slab set over compacted soil. This foundation is the base for every structural component. The concrete allows all of this heavy weight to be distributed across a wide area. Over time, however, the foundation can shift. Slab repairs are often necessary in order to preserve the home's stability. Discover how house foundation repair in San Antonio options can help a home endure for many years to come.

House Leveling 101: Learn the Basics.

house leveling, slab repairsWhen doors stick and floors creak with ferocity, a home could have foundation problems. The foundation is merely a concrete pad, but is one of the most important components to a building's envelope. It supports all the home's materials, including protection for residents. Learning the basics about house leveling is important when residents face possible slab repairs or other major renovations.