Cracked Foundation Repair is Caused by Homeowners?

cracked foundation repair, house levelingStandard homes consist of a basic building envelope, including the roof, walls and foundation. If any of these components malfunctions, the entire structure can display stress signals. From damaged walls to windows that won’t close, cracked foundation repair is necessary when homeowners don’t pay attention to key property maintenance elements.


Cracked Foundation Repair and Ground Level

Homes aren’t built on perfectly level sites, but actually have strategic slopes across the property. If homeowners don’t maintain the landscape properly or dramatically alter it, water can easily puddle at the foundation’s edge instead of draining off. Any trapped water around the foundation quickly seeps into the soil and possibly below the structure. Foundations shift with wet soil conditions, so it’s critical to have landscaping slope away from the structure for strong puddling prevention.

Misaligned Rain Gutters

Even the best house leveling project doesn’t completely stop foundation issues if rain gutters aren’t aligned. Gutters lining roof edges take water away from the home, allowing it to drain away from foundations. If gutters aren’t serviced and aligned properly, water can simply drain beside the foundation. Homeowners should keep all water flows away from the foundation, reducing saturated soil conditions and possible structural shifting.

Poor Plumbing Care

Hidden household leaks contribute to damaged foundations and necessary house leveling. A plumbing pipe below the home or jutting out into the yard could be leaking water. This consistent leaking quickly saturates the soil. Because it’s a small water leak, homeowners may not realize they have a problem until the property displays severe damage. It’s important for homeowners to maintain their plumbing, so leaking pipes don’t cause major problems.

Planting Trees too Close

Tall and foliage-filled trees produce a dramatic visual effect for any property, but their root systems need to be top priority when it comes to foundation care. Homeowners should plant any trees far from the foundation’s edge. Many tree species grow aggressive roots, eventually wrapping around underground pipes and resulting in tiny foundation cracks. These roots can result in the need for cracked foundation repair when trees are planted too close.

Whether a Texas home requires house leveling or just basic landscaping adjustments, cracked foundation repair can be relatively affordable if the problems are found early on. Homeowners should be diligent about inspecting and reporting any unusual cracks to their trusted contractors. Small cracks fixed with proper contractor skills help the entire household avoid major repair bills in the future.

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