Here in South Texas, our soil acts very much like a sponge. When the soil dries out it can cause movement in the foundation of a building. To minimize this movement and the damage it causes it is important to maintain even moisture around the entire foundation.

Here are some foundation tips for your San Antonio house.

  1. Water all around your foundation twice a week (We recommend 1-1.5 inches of water around the entire exterior*)
  2. If you have to use a soaker hose, use a timer* and place the hoses 1-2 feet away from the foundation. This will help avoid over-watering.
  3. Check the air conditioning drain line. If it is not at least 3 feet from the foundation it will create too much water in one place.
  4. Never allow water to pool. If it does, you will need to correct the drainage or there will be uneven distribution.
  5. *Set a small empty tuna or cat food can where you will be watering and time how long it takes to fill it. This is about 1.5 inches of water.


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