Your foundation is what keeps your house standing. As its name suggests, it’s the base on which your house stands, and keeps weight distributed evenly across the soil. Over time, whether throughhouse leveling, repairing foundation San Antonio soil degradation, damage, moisture, or any number of other reasons, the foundation could start to crack. This might lead to repairing foundation San Antonio as a result. In the very worst cases, foundation contractors San Antonio have no recourse to fix the foundation using their standard reinforcing and sealing methods. In these cases, there are only some options available to them. Here is a quick guide to how they might fix your foundation if it’s at its worst.

Repairing Foundation San Antonio By Pouring an Exterior Wall

This is a big repair, but takes pressure off of your foundation and provides additional support. The foundation contractors San Antonio will start by digging up a trench around the old, weakening foundation. Then, they will pour a new wall into and on top of the trench. While doing this, they will set up a temporary support for the wall, since the foundation will not be able to support it due to its weakened structural integrity. When completed, the new wall will keep soil pressure off of the compromised foundation, and provide the necessary support to keep the house level and secure. For the rare homes in San Antonio that have basements, an interior wall can be poured in the basement. This interior wall takes up a lot of space, and is expensive, but it does provide the support that is needed.

Pour an Entirely New Foundation

This might be the most expensive repair, but it’s the most secure and long-lasting one. It involves completely replacing the foundation below your home. As you can imagine, it’s a big job. First, you may need to move some things out of your home or relocate them to another side of the house. If possible, you may need your entire home to be moved off of the foundation as well. Otherwise, the contractors will support the structure of the home while they put in the new foundation.

Your foundation contractors San Antonio will then excavate the old, failing foundation. Only once the entire foundation is removed can they start on repairing foundation San Antonio. After excavation, they will pour the new foundation. If your home has been moved or shifted, it will be placed on top of the newly installed base.

Prevent Major Repairs

Of course, it’s always best to avoid having your foundation get to this point in the first place. That means regularly looking for things in and outside of your home that might signify there are problems, and practicing good prevention habits. Make sure that your downspouts are working properly, and moisture is kept away from your home. You should also check for cracks, and take note if doors and windows start to stick. You may also see cracks in your drywall, or uneven floors. These are all signs of foundation issues. If you do notice any of them, call the foundation professionals at Arredondo group right away. Then, we can go about repairing foundation San Antonio while the problems are small so they don’t get to the worst case. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, that is never more true than when it comes to your foundation.

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