cracked foundation repair

Dealing with a foundation problem isn’t unheard of in San Antonio. The native soils are naturally volatile with absorbent clay. You’ve just completed a project to shore up the concrete pad. It’s understandable that you’re curious about the next steps toward a long-lasting property. Learn about the dos and don’ts when it comes to the aftermath of cracked foundation repair. Both you and the contractor have certain responsibilities.

Do Expect a Contractor’s Follow-Up Visit

Part of your foundation repair costs is a follow-up visit. During any estimation process, verify that it’s included in the service. The follow-up visit might occur several days or weeks after the project’s completion date. Every contractor is different.

Follow-up visits are crucial because issues may develop after the work. It’s natural for the property to settle into the new piering posts or other supports. Contractors verify that the settling is within acceptable parameters. Any extreme movement deserves a second look. Without this visit, you may not realize that there’s a problem until the situation worsens.

Don’t Ignore the Floors

Cracked foundation repair professionals do their best to fix the slab, but the floors connected to it are impacted. After the project, it’s time to concentrate on the flooring. Split tiles or carpet require mending or outright replacement. Your slab shouldn’t move in any extreme direction at this point. Invest in flooring repair as soon as possible. The project will feel complete as a result.

Don’t forget about any second-floor issues as well. If you have damaged flooring on the second story, repair it at the same time as the ground section. Everything is connected in a house that’s part of one foundation.

Do Patch the Walls

In the recent past, you probably ignored those growing cracks in the walls. Repairing them was futile. With foundation repair costs behind you, it’s time to make those walls shine once again. Patch them with compound, smooth it out and paint the entire wall. Change up the color if desired. Consider this project as an update on the home. You no longer have a shifting foundation.

Be careful around window and door frames. These areas may have shifted too. Deal with stuck windows and doors before handling the wall cracks surrounding them. Adjustments may need to be done by professionals, so they function properly again.

Don’t Forget the Landscapingcracked foundation repair, foundation repair costs

You may have had substantial foundation repair costs. The family needs to financially recover from the investment. This scenario is understandable, but don’t overlook the importance of improving the property on the outside. Depending on the foundation project, your outdoor landscaping may have damages. Soil was probably removed and piled in one area. Your sod may be stacked in a corner as well.

Gather the whole family for a landscaping project. Level out the soil so that it forces rainwater to move away from the structure. Add plants to open soil so that erosion doesn’t become an issue. Controlling the water around the home protects the repaired foundation over the years.

Do Save the Cracked Foundation Repair Warranty Paperwork

Your foundation project will last for many decades. As time passes, the entire process is a vague memory. Keep the original paperwork reflecting your warranty, however. Selling the home with warranty paperwork intact makes the property look more appealing to potential buyers. They have tangible proof that the property is sound as it stands right now.

The Arredondo Group is a reputable, San Antonio company that specializes in cracked foundation repair. Working with these experts will improve a property’s value. A strong foundation supports the structure and household for generations to come.

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