Cracked Foundation Repair: Safety vs. Cost

Cracked Foundation Repair, House LevelingAlthough homeowners may be concerned with a home’s paint job or updated appliances, the foundation below their feet should be the top priority. Some homes, even those in San Antonio, are built on loose soils. Contractors make it a point to stabilize these soils before building the home initially, but house leveling may be necessary during the structure’s lifespan. Cracked foundations must be evaluated by professionals to determine either a simple or radical solution to the shifting.

Simple Solutions

When homeowners see cracks beginning to move across the foundation, it’s a smart idea to see if simple problems are causing the damage. Rain gutters allowing water to flow close to the foundation cause consistently wet soil. This soil shifts with cold and hot temperatures, forcing expansion and contraction stresses on the foundation itself. Repair and alter the gutters’ water flow to see if cracks seize to grow. Level the yard to encourage rainfall away from the structure as well. These strategies can lower the house leveling cost when soils aren’t so volatile.

Anchoring for Cracked Foundation Repair

One of the least invasive ways to perform cracked foundation repair is wall anchoring. Contractors place metal plates into the ground just outside of the foundation. Bolts attach the plates to the wall to hold the entire structure securely. It’s important to note that this process requires outside excavation. Proper foundation repair is often expensive. Contractors must remove soil to place the metal plates properly. However, ignoring a cracked foundation is much more expensive if the home becomes inhabitable.

Righting Severe Cases

For homes in severe distress, an invasive technique called piering might be necessary. Contractors install metal piers directly under the home. Engineers choose the right areas for each pier to level the home back into place. There’s an extensive amount of excavation and installation with this repair method. However, proper piering truly gives the home another lifetime of use. Some contractors suggest concrete as a way to level the home, but many professionals choose metal to distribute the home’s weight more effectively.

House leveling should never be attempted by amateurs or inexperienced homeowners. Contacting a cracked foundation repair professional is crucial the moment homeowners see cracks larger than one-quarter inch in width. Allowing the home to continue to decay only adds to the costs and can permanently damage the structure.

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