Cracked Foundation Repair Varying Costs Explained

cracked foundation repair, house levelingWhen doors and windows are a struggle to open and close, homeowners may have a foundation problem beneath them. Foundations are essentially concrete slabs meant to spread out a structure’s weight and hold it steady for decades. Whether residents live in San Antonio or Houston, cracked foundation repair could have an increased repair cost with a few telltale features.


Size Seriously Matters

Homes come in different sizes, making each foundation unique to its matched structure. Generally, larger homes have bigger foundations with higher repair costs. These foundations are wider and possibly thicker than smaller homes. Multiple stories also add to foundation weight and repair costs. House leveling processes must take all structural components into consideration as the home is being righted. Two or three stories means there are many more framework pieces to level and secure at just one job site.

Cracked Foundation Repair and Settling Severity

Each failed foundation has different damage severity levels. Some properties could have a slight shift off their center of gravity, creating millimeters of movement. Severe property damage occurs when concrete slabs crack entirely and shift one inch or more. The shifting severity level determines overall repair costs because contractors must put in more labor and materials to fix a particularly serious cracked foundation.

Soil Consistency Counts

House leveling is much more difficult when soil consistency is compromised. Every home is built on varying soil types, from clay to sandy conditions. Some soils can actually shift over time because of saturation and other regional factors. If a home has a cracked foundation with poor soil, contractors must deal with the ground issues first before tackling the structure itself. Costs go up as workers solve both soil and structural issues for one service call.

Those Mysterious Ground Obstacles

A home could have a relatively straightforward cracked foundation repair ahead of it, but ground obstacles could drive costs upward. Tree roots and other hidden items may need to be removed from the ground before property leveling can occur. Extra labor must be added to the repair bill to clear out the ground issue. Only then can workers properly fix the foundation.

House leveling and other strategies are critical to property value and safe households. Homeowners shouldn’t delay with their cracked foundation repair project because the costs will only escalate in time. The home retains its value and may even increase with a solid foundation repaired by qualified contractors.

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