Finding a crack in your foundation can cause a lot of stress and worry. Nobody likes the thought of having a cracked foundation (San Antonio). It could mean serious problems for the very base of

Cracked Foundation San Antonio your home. You may end up with hefty foundation repair costs, as well as other problems that occur because of the foundation issues. However, not all cracks are created equal. Some are worse than others, and you should know which is which. That way, you’ll know when to breathe easy and when to worry. 

Diagonal Cracked Foundation San Antonio

Diagonal foundation cracks are generally considered any crack that is between thirty to seventy-five degrees. In some cases, one end is slightly wider than the other end. These tend to occur when one half of a building has settled deeper than the other side. The eventual foundation repair costs will depend on what is causing the cracked foundation San Antonio. In some cases, it may be a matter of fixing your gutters so the soil around your home doesn’t get too saturated and soft. However, it might also involve supporting the deeper side and jacking it up to be even with the other. This could cost a significant amount. 

Vertical Foundation Cracks

Vertical foundation cracks are probably the most common type of crack. They are also the least likely to be serious. Anything with less than a 30 degree angle can be considered a vertical crack. Mostly, these cracks happen because the building is settling. That’s why this type of crack is so common in new houses with new foundations. The foundation repair costs for this type of cracked foundation tends to be low. To fix it, it usually just involves sealing off the crack using an injected epoxy. It fills the crack and expands so that it is tight to the sides of the crack. If the foundation has not finished settling, the epoxy can continue to expand along with the crack so that the foundation is never weakened. 

Horizontal Foundation Cracks

If you see a foundation crack that is running horizontally, then it may be time to worry. In many cases, this means that there is a serious problem with your foundation. In fact, the structural integrity of your home may be at risk. Cracks like this are usually caused by soil putting pressure on the foundation. If water is allowed to sit in the soil around the buildings, then the soil will expand. The pressure it places on the foundation will cause it to push inward and crack. You can expect the highest possible foundation repair costs from this type of crack, so make sure to have it addressed as soon as you notice one. A repair may involve having to reinforce your foundation to strengthen it as well as repairing the cracks that have appeared. 

Being able to identify the different types of cracked foundation San Antonio is a valuable way for you to determine how serious a crack is. That said, no matter what kind of crack you find, it is always best to contact a foundation professional such as Arrendondo Group for help. We will help make sure that your foundation is always in the best shape possible. 

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