Owning a home or any property comes with certain responsibilities. One of the biggest could be taking care of the foundation of the building. If the foundation fails, there are so many issues that will follow. It provides the support the building needs and everything sits upon it. Foundation contractors will tell you that repairing a foundation is not always a simple task. There are many different methods for repair and house leveling.


Foam Jacking

One common method that foundation contractors employ is polyurethane foam jacking. This process involves using a foam material under the foundation when it has sunken. The foam is injected after holes are drilled into the concrete slab. After the injection, the foam almost immediately expands and pushes the concrete up. This will help with house leveling and get everything back on an even keel and properly supported.


Pressed Piling

Foundation contractors in San Antonio and around Texas use concrete pressed piles as a common repair technique. For this one, instead of injecting foam, the technicians will drive large concrete cylinders into the soil underneath the slab. These cylinders will stabilize the building and provide a very strong base. In some cases, the contractor may need to use several concrete pipes to properly support the foundation and the building. They are driven until they hit soil that is still in good enough shape to bear the load of the building. The reason this type of house leveling is so common in Texas is because so many homes do not have a basement, which makes this repair possible.


Steel Piers

Steel piers are used in a similar fashion to pressed piles. They are very solid and durable. For this technique, galvanized steel pipes are driven into the soil under the foundation until they hit stable soil. Hydraulic jacks then lift up the foundation until it is properly level.


Helical Piers

Helical piers work similarly to the piers mentioned above. However, they are not driven into the soil. Instead, they are screwed into the soil. These piers are used when the soil around a foundation is hard to drive piers into. For house leveling, the technician screws in several helical piers until they properly support the building.


Concrete Piers

Concrete piers are made with reinforced concrete. They help prop up foundations that are at risk of sinking or settling into the soil. To prepare for using concrete piers, the foundation contractor will choose the right depth and drill many holes below the foundation. Liquid concrete is then used to fill those holes. The concrete will cure and become solid, shoring up the strength of the concrete slab. Technicians can then use jacks and shims to level off the building.



If the contractor wants to prevent a foundation from sinking or settling, then slabjacking, otherwise called mudjacking, may be their technique of choice. For this technique, they will drill holes into the foundation an even distance apart from each other. They will then inject an industrial strength water and soil mixture into those holes that will compact any loose soil under the foundation. This provides the needed stability and strength, and the contractor will then seal the holes.


Foundation Contractors

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