Foundation repair companies are always ready to help. Whether it’s performing needed slab foundation repair San Antonio, or helping with prevention efforts. Here are some of the most common

Foundation Repair Companies

questions that they get asked, along with their helpful answers. 

Can Foundations Be Repaired From the Inside?

Certain types of cracks can be repaired from the inside with the right technique. As long as the crack is tight, and is vertical, it could be possible. The concrete in the foundation must also have rebar in it. Most homes built in the last 50 years should have rebar, making indoor slab foundation repair San Antonio possible. If a crack is larger than a thin line, then it must be repaired from the outside using a membrane to protect it from the elements. In general, exterior repairs are the best option. 

Why Is My Foundation Cracked?

There are several reasons why a foundation might be cracked. Usually, foundation repair companies need to examine a foundation to determine the exact reason and make recommendations for repairs or preventive measures. In a lot of cases the cracking comes from increased pressure from the soil. If it has too much moisture that is left to sit in the soil against the foundation, it can heave. This heaving will push against the foundation and lead to cracking or worse. That’s why it’s so important to keep your downspouts and gutters in good repair to push water away from the building. However, if there isn’t enough moisture in the soil, then it will contract. This will mean that it’s not providing support to the concrete, which may then start to fail. 

Are Horizontal Cracks Worse Than Vertical?

The short answer is yes. In general, horizontal cracks are more serious than vertical ones. When there is a horizontal crack, it usually indicates that there is a failure in the structure of the foundation. It means that the foundation is on the verge of buckling where the crack is. At this point, slab foundation repair San Antonio is inevitable, and must take place as soon as possible. If a horizontal crack happens to be caught early enough, it can be supported from the interior with quick intervention. 

Should I Call Foundation Repair Companies if a Crack Isn’t Leaking?

Usually, cracks do not just suddenly appear. They develop over time because of the conditions that cause them. Therefore, just because a crack isn’t leaking right now, does not mean that it won’t be leaking soon. If you see any kind of crack with your foundation, you need to call in professionals right away to assess the situation and possibly make repairs. If you notice a small crack, take a measurement and check again once in a while. That way you can also see if a crack is expanding over time. 

What Does Waterproofing Involve?

Waterproofing your foundation is a great way to avoid having to call foundation repair companies for emergency situations. It means keeping water away from your foundation so that the soil doesn’t heave. You can have a drainage system installed, or even wrap a waterproof membrane around the foundation. Taking these measures will help ensure that your foundation is better protected against the elements. 

Hopefully, you’ve had any potential questions answered through this article. If not, call the experts at Arredondo Group for the absolute best in foundation repair, advice, and services. 

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