House leveling problems: Will you be affected?

house levelingTypical Texas homes rest on a concrete foundation that’s been poured many years ago. Although concrete can last for 100 years or more, environmental factors directly impact its longevity. Some homeowners in San Antonio might deal with house leveling problems at some point in their lives. How a family is affected often depends on the initial problematic cause. Consider how a home is affected by a cracked foundation in order to avoid any expensive consequences.

Surrounding Clay Soil

Cracked foundation issues often occur when there’s clay soil surrounding a home. This soil is unique to the San Antonio area because it acts like a sponge. As rains strike the area, the soil expands with the moisture. Dry times cause the soil to contract. All of these pressures put unusual forces on the concrete foundation, which can result in damaged concrete.

Heavy Rains, Dry Spells

A home doesn’t have to be on pure, clay soil in order for it to succumb to a cracked foundation. The weather itself can play a major role too. Heavy rains over several days can undermine the home’s concrete pad. Fissures, holes and other soil inconsistencies can quickly create a house leveling problem. A subsequent dry spell also causes more expansion and contraction issues along the soil and concrete meeting points.

Invasive Tree Roots

A beautiful tree that was planted many years ago can be overgrowing its location. Roots will naturally grow toward areas of moisture, and water resources may be near a home. These roots can slowly move under the home where they damage the nearby concrete. Residents may need to transplant troublesome trees if they’re deemed as root problems by professional contractors.

House Leveling and Plumbing Considerations

A home’s plumbing can also affect the structure’s level orientation. A leaking pipe that’s been neglected under the home will slowly erode away the soil and concrete. Ideally, residents need to hire a plumber in order to fix the pipes first. With the moisture source resolved, the leveling process may not be too complicated or expensive.

Windows that won’t shut and doors swinging wildly on their hinges are signs that a structure requires house leveling. If a family suspects that there’s level issues, contact professionals for an evaluation. They can swiftly estimate a home’s problems while designing a simultaneous repair plan. Every home can be saved from extensive damages when its evaluated as soon as possible.

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