House Leveling in San Antonio

House Leveling in San AntonioHouse leveling, San Antonio, TX, requires technicians who are familiar with the particular soil and weather conditions of the region. Much of the area has a mixture of topsoil, black clay, caliche and other types of soils. All of these materials expand and contract due to the seasons; each one responds differently. This can cause a variety of problems with the foundations of houses such as: 

• Sinking
• Heaving
• Cracking
• Breaking apart

Simply digging a hole and attempting to prop up the corner of a sinking foundation will not do. In fact, it can cause more serious problems than the existing one. Professional companies skilled in house leveling in San Antonio, TX, requires the proper tools and materials to ensure the house’s foundation will be properly repaired so that the structure can be sound for its occupants.

Some companies may give the impression that stabilization of a foundation is a way to repair a sinking or cracking foundation. It is not. Permanent repair using the proper items is the only way to ensure the house’s safety. Think of it this way; stabilizers are used to temporarily level travel trailers. A house is not a mobile structure; therefore leveling a foundation must be a permanent repair.

There Are Different Methods Used To Accomplish House Leveling: 

• Concrete piles are built in place once the foundation has been lifted to ensure the foundation is level. The house will rest on the piles; it will not sink further or shift around. This is the best and most secure repair.

• Screw piers, also called helical piers are not designed or manufactured to hold the tremendous weight of a house. They are most commonly used to level structures such as porches, steps, garages, decks and sheds. If the garage foundation is part of the house’s foundation, then concrete piles are needed. 

• Push piers, also called mini piles are used to lift the foundation until it is level again. They are used to hold the foundation while concrete piles are built into place. They are not a true repair for a sinking foundation. They work by being placed level on the ground and are lifted hydraulically like a jack upward to make contact with the foundation.

If there is any question about a house’s foundation, a company specializing in house leveling in San Antonio, TX, should be consulted. The engineer will perform a complete evaluation of sticking windows, doors, wall cracks and check to see if the foundation is level. He or she will provide the owner with a detailed report of any problems and explain the right solution. 

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