cracked foundation

How to prevent cracked foundation in summer heat

It’s summertime, when you fire up the barbeque, uncover the pool, and break out the sparklers. As enjoyable as this season is, however, it also presents many challenges which can undermine the foundations of our homes.

Your home may be at risk

High ground temperatures strain your house’s support system, risking a cracked foundation and numerous other foundation problems. Hot weather is infamous in the San Antonio, Texas, area and can drastically affect the structural integrity of residences. High temperatures most drastically affect slab-on-grade and pier-and-beam foundations.

When things heat up

Seasonal fluctuations greatly affect foundation strength. In hot temperatures, especially those in excess of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the soil substrate supporting your foundation shifts as it compresses, shrinking away from foundation walls and leading to a slew of foundation problems, including a cracked foundation. This could develop into irreparable damage costing thousands of dollars to replace. Foundation problems also arise when the ground beneath them sinks lower. With San Antonio’s scorching summer weather and frequent droughts, this is a common occurrence beneath concrete slab foundations. By being proactive and preventing problems before they occur, you can minimize the effects of extreme San Antonio weather.

Inspection of Cracked Foundation

Regular foundation inspections are an essential maintenance requirement of any foundation. During or after each summer season, contact a local foundation repair company to inspect your foundation. With an experienced team of engineers, they can ensure the integrity of the foundation and surrounding soil, alerting you to any required fixes before they become major issues. Regular inspections are a simple yet effective way to ensure a solid foundation for years to come. At Arredondo Group, BBB-accredited San Antonio foundation experts, we provide both free estimates and inspections.


During the heat of the summer, prolonged dry soil can degrade the condition of your foundation. By maintaining a constant level of moisture around the base of your structure, especially concrete slab foundations, you can easily reduce the risk of a cracked foundation. Increase moisture by pointing a soaker hose about 1.5 to two feet from your foundation. By wetting the soil around it, you prevent the compression and withering that puts unnecessary stress on foundations. Monitor the dryness of the soil regularly and water when needed, but only during the summer. In cold weather, excess moisture can freeze, causing the soil to expand, also putting too much stress on your foundation. When watering, be sure to adhere to any water restrictions that may be in effect during droughts. Try to conserve water and reuse it whenever possible. By employing these simple tips and consistently monitoring the condition of your foundation, you can relax and revel in the joys of summer without worrying about potential foundation problems.

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