San Antonio cracked foundation repair can mean many things. It could be a large reconstruction, or maybe even a quick DIY repair. San Antonio foundation repair costs can vary wildly, depending San Antonio Cracked Foundation Repair on the nature of the repair and the size of the affected area, among other things. In most cases, water is the big culprit. It collects around the foundation and saturates the soil. This causes the soil to expand, which places pressure on the foundation leading to cracks and weaknesses. The most affordable way to protect your foundation is to have no repairs at all. Make sure that you keep your downspouts and gutters in good condition, and that the soil on your property is graded correctly. 

San Antonio Cracked Foundation Repair For An Uneven Building

If cracks appear on one side of a building, then it can start to lean and become uneven. This could get severe enough that you start to notice the floors in your home have a slope to them. An uneven foundation might require supporting one side for the repairs, which involves a substantial repair job. You will have to pay for the wood or steel braces to secure the wall. Or, your contractor could do the work by using an epoxy that is less expensive. It is invisible and secures the wall in place with some brush strokes. 

Anchors are required, and they can cost approximately $500 each, and you may need several of them. Then there will be an excavation. Depending on how much of your foundation is affected, the contractor might have to go around the whole house, or only in a certain spot. This process can mean that your San Antonio foundation repair costs can get up to $40,000. 

Washed Out Foundation

Water can damage a foundation in several ways. There might be a pipe leak, or a gutter could be plugged, for example. In some cases, this might involve a major fix, because large parts of the foundation might be compromised. Entire sections may need to be re-poured, and those sections will have to be connected with the existing structure using epoxy and rebar. 

However, they may be able to install some shims and use concrete and lumber to complete the San Antonio cracked foundation repair. In that case, the San Antonio foundation repair costs may be as low as $500. The important thing to remember is that if the cause of the problem is not fixed, then it will just keep happening over and over again.

No Identified Causes

For some foundation problems, you might never know the actual cause. Your gutters may be fine and you may just not see the water collecting. However, it might be that there isn’t enough water in the soil, and when it contracts the foundation isn’t properly supported. It could also be that your home sits on permanently expansive soil. In this case, it’s hard for a contractor to get under the slab to complete the San Antonio cracked foundation repair. They may have to use mudjacking and underpinning to support the foundation. This can cost up to $40,000, or even more depending on how many piers need to be installed for additional support. 

No matter what your foundation problem, call the experts at Arredondo group. We will assess your situation quickly and provide you with an accurate estimate before fixing your issue as quickly as possible. 

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