Thinking that you might have foundation issues can be the most frightening thing for a homeowner. It can be even worse if you are planning to put the home up for sale. However, you do not have to let foundation problems prevent you from selling your home. You can make it work. Here is a quick guide to how: foundation problems in San Antonio

Determine the Cost of Foundation Problems in San Antonio

The cost to repair foundation issues can vary, whether its house leveling (San Antonio) or another method. Before you do anything, you need to know what it will cost to fix the problem. It may be several thousand dollars, or it might only be several hundred. Knowing this information will help you make the decisions leading up to the potential sale of your home to make sure that you maximize your profit. 

To Repair or Not to Repair?

The big question is whether you should get your foundation problems in San Antonio fixed before you sell your home or disclose the damage and take your chances. Most conventional wisdom says that you should fix your issues so that you can have a higher asking price. However, if the house leveling (San Antonio) is looking like it will be extra expensive, you may want to choose to just lower the asking price and sell your home. That way you are free of the issue, as long as you properly disclose everything to the buyer. If you have a bidding war, then you might not be harmed at all by not getting it fixed. 

Will a Damaged Foundation Scare Buyers Away?

You will lose a section of the market who simply will not even look at a home with a foundation issue. However, there are plenty of buyers who will not let that deter them from making a purchase. They may be motivated to find a house at a lower cost, which they could get from a home that needs house leveling (San Antonio). If you are in a desirable location, and you have several buyers who are interested, then you may be able to make a deal with one that does not mind the foundation issues. In other cases, a buyer will make the purchase contingent on your getting the foundation repaired before the closing date. There are several options available to both you and the buyer to get a deal done. 

Be Open and Honest

If you suspect you have foundation issues, then hire a professional inspection provider to come and have a look. Share those results with potential buyers in writing and disclose everything. If you are dishonest it could only lead to more headaches down the road in the form of legal problems. Make sure that any prospective buyers sign the documents acknowledging that they are aware of the problems so that you are protected in case there is an issue down the road. 

At this point, all that is left is making sure to negotiate in good faith with your buyer. If you have disclosed your foundation problems in San Antonio and they have acknowledged them, then you can move forward with no concerns. Negotiate the sale price to reflect whether you will have the repairs done or if they will be responsible. If you are motivated and you have motivated buyers, there is no reason to let a foundation issue stop you from selling your home. 

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