Foundation problems can be absolutely frightening for any homeowner and require slab repair. There are any number of things that can go wrong with your San Antonio foundation, and they range in cost for house

slab repair

foundation repair from very affordable to very expensive. There’s also the concern that the house is not on solid ground, which can lead to further problems. When you do have issues with your foundation and require slab repair, it’s useful to know what your foundation contractors will do to make the fix. Here is a listing of some of the most common ones.

Patches and Sealants

Sometimes the problem with your foundation is that it has shrunk. Fortunately, shrinkage doesn’t have to be a major problem if it is dealt with quickly. Mostly, the cracks that you would find from shrinkage will appear on the corners of your home’s foundation. With hydraulic cement, those cracks can be patched and sealed to prevent the foundation from degrading further. It sets and hardens quickly, so your foundation will be back to full strength in no time.

Foam Jacking Slab Repair

When a foundation is sinking or settling into the soil, foundation contractors can use a polyurethane foam that will jack up the foundation to level the building. This involves drilling holes into the slab, and injecting the foam. After the foam is injected, it starts to expand. This will push the concrete up. It’s a fast process, and very easy for the contractor to do. However, you or a plumber will have to check your plumbing system afterwards. When the foam expands, it can get into your pipes and cause blockages.


Piering is a very common form of house foundation repair. It provides a permanent solution to your slab repair issues. Steel piers are the strongest, and are driven into the bedrock underneath the building to provide support and stability. Because the bedrock is so solid, it will help prevent the home from shifting if the soil up at the surface is compromised. There are also helical steel piers, which are screwed, as opposed to driven, into the bedrock. Contractors will use these types of piers when the soil and bedrock is hard to penetrate by driving.

Spot piers are slightly different. They are made by digging a hole under the foundation that is then filled in with concrete. This solution is only appropriate for light foundations as spot piers are not as solid as steel ones. Structures that could use spot piers include porches and sheds, and other lighter structures.

Slab Jacking

Slab jacking is a useful house foundation repair method for homes that might be sinking. Sometimes, if the dirt wasn’t properly compacted before constructing the house, the foundation can settle and sink into the soil. This method involves drilling holes in the foundation like with foam jacking. However, instead of foam, they fill the holes with a substance like grout that fills the holes and lifts the slab. This repair is quick and easy, and will not disrupt any of your landscaping or yard.

In most cases, your slab repair should be handled by a foundation professional. However, if you think you might need foundation repairs, it’s always helpful to understand the measures they will take to fix your problem. This will give you a better understanding of how your foundation works and how you can prevent problems in the future.

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