While owning a home is a great joy for most people in San Antonio, home maintenance is not everyone’s favorite pastime. Making sure that

cracked foundation

everything is in good shape and prepared for any problems should be every homeowner’s priority, but it can be difficult. The foundation might be the most important part of your home to maintain. Slab repair or house leveling can be expensive and stressful, and if the base of your home is failing, then it could cause other major problems. Catching problems early is the best way to avoid those high repair costs. Here are some tips from foundation experts to help you prevent needed foundation repair.

Do Not Ignore Cracks

Foundation cracks should always be taken seriously. Even small cracks can develop into something bigger, or there could be more damage underneath the surface that you can’t see. It could mean that a small amount of water is leaking into the building, which can accumulate and damage your foundation further. Also, any weakness will only get worse if left alone. Make sure to contact a professional if you notice a crack in your foundation, especially if it seems to be getting longer or wider.

Keep Your Soil Moist

Soil that’s too moist can wreak havoc on your foundation, and cause you to require slap repair or worse. As the moisture level in your soil changes, it can expand and contract, which will put pressure on your foundation. Using a hose or a sprinkler can keep the moisture level at a relatively constant level and prevent evaporation. If it is already a naturally wet period, it can help to prevent swelling of your soil.

Avoid Water Accumulation Against Your Home

As we mentioned, moisture is the biggest enemy of your foundation. If water accumulates against your home’s foundation, it will erode the slab and lead to house leveling work or other repairs. Make sure that your downspouts and gutters are in good shape, and they direct water away from the home. Extensions are very valuable in this regard.

Be Careful With Trees

Trees that are too close to your foundation can cause major problems. Big trees absorb too much moisture, and the soil around your foundation can dry out and shrink. If there are trees near your home, then install a root barrier to prevent this from happening. What is considered too close? A good rule of thumb is if the tree is large enough to be taller than your roof, and has branches that hang over the roof, then it could be a problem.

Landscaping to Avoid Slab Repair

It’s important when planning the landscaping of your property that it’s designed to protect your foundation. This means that if you do have flowers and bushes near the home that they are on top of a slope that goes away from the home. Your lawn or property should also slope away at as many points of your home as possible so that it is difficult for water to build up and it will be drained away.

Nobody wants to go through a foundation slab repair, house leveling, or any other foundation reconstruction. It is not only dangerous to many elements of your home, but it can be expensive and stressful. To avoid it, make sure to follow these tips and keep your foundation strong throughout the home’s lifetime.

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