Foundation Repair Companies

Foundation Repair Companies

A home is only as stable as the foundation it rests upon, so foundation maintenance is a priority for homeowners. Foundation repair companies use specially trained and qualified people to address noticeable concerns as well as locate problem areas that may lead to future issues. When a home’s foundation begins to degrade or become unstable, further damage throughout the home is sure to follow. 

Foundation Repair Ensures the Best Support

Foundation Repair in Texas

Foundation problems are common in most areas of Texas, but especially in South Texas due to the soil composition. The diverse weather conditions in the region cause the soil around homes to become unstable. The climate significantly varies from extremely dry and hot to almost tropical with extended periods of rain in the spring. The winters are relatively mild and dry, but the summers can bring high temperatures above 100 degrees. The cycles of dry and then wet weather causes the soil bed under a foundation to shift constantly. This contraction and expansion of the soil weakens foundation supports over a period of time necessitating the need for foundation repair

Foundation Repair in San Antonio

Foundation Repair in San Antonio

It’s heartbreaking for a San Antonio homeowner to move into a brand new house only to find that the foundation needs repair. Foundation repair can be expensive, as a foundation's job is to support the vertical loads of the house and to transfer its load into the earth. If the foundation can’t do this job, then the house might not be habitable. 

House Leveling in San Antonio

House Leveling in San AntonioHouse leveling, San Antonio, TX, requires technicians who are familiar with the particular soil and weather conditions of the region. Much of the area has a mixture of topsoil, black clay, caliche and other types of soils. All of these materials expand and contract due to the seasons; each one responds differently. This can cause a variety of problems with the foundations of houses such as:  Engineer San Antonio TX 210-645-6811 Foundation settling can affect an entire home and house leveling takes skill and experience. Therefore, it is very important to hire a reputable, experienced house leveling professional. Foundation repair is a process that requires a detailed evaluation. This type of repair...

House Leveling - Hiring A Reputable Company

House Leveling in San AntonioHouse leveling is an artistic and technical process that takes a good amount of skills and experience to do. When a foundation settles, it affects the entire house. Making one error could ruin the entire home or building. Even the most experienced levelers have problems with their work, so hiring a reputable, experienced San Antonio professional is mandatory. Foundation Contractors  San Antonio TX 210-645-6811 Are you seeing cracks on the outside walls of your structure? Do you suspect foundation problems? Take a look at this video for some great insight on foundation repair work. It is very important to find a reputable foundation repair company,...

Foundation Repair - Understanding The Process

Foundation Repair in San AntonioMost homes across the San Antonio area are constructed with a concrete slab foundation. Depending on the slope or grade of the property, the foundation may be a few feet thick or significantly thicker. This foundation serves as the basis for the home’s entire structure. It must be flat and level in order to provide the home with the most solid results. However, there are many factors that can affect the quality of the foundation, and because of this, many homes may eventually require repair services. 

Foundation Contractors in San Antonio

Foundation Contractors in San AntonioHomeowners may begin to look around for San Antonio foundation contractors when visible signs of foundation issues are present. These may include cracks in the foundation itself, a general feeling that the floor is sloping, cracks in the drywall or ceiling and other related issues. These are all signs that the foundation may be damaged and may require repairs. Because foundation issues can become more significant with time and can cause more pronounced damage to the structure of the home, finding a contractor for repair services seems critical. However, it is important that homeowners understand the difference between a contractor and an engineer.