Even if you’re a homeowner, you might be surprised to know that there are several types of foundations. Each type requires different types of repair, depending on the damage they have suffered.pier and beam foundation repair in San Antonio Pier and beam foundation repair in San Antonio will make sure that a weakened pier and beam building will undergo the proper house leveling procedure so that it can be fixed effectively. If your home has a pier and beam foundation, then you might like to know how your foundation contractor will go about fixing it. Here is a quick guide.

Pier and Beam Foundation 101

A pier and beam foundation is usually constructed using wooden boards resting on concrete beams. The beams provide the support for the wood, and the rest of the home lays on top of it all. The wooden platforms do not rest right on the ground. In fact, they are elevated above the ground, and usually the utilities are installed in that space between the ground and your floors. It is a more appropriate type of foundation for smaller buildings, and it is also more affordable to construct than other options. In some cases, there is also a concrete pier running along the perimeter of the building to provide additional support for the structure.

How Do Pier and Beam Foundations Fail?

There are several reasons why this type of foundation might fail and require pier and beam foundation repair San Antonio. A big one is termites, rodents, and pests. They can eat through the wood, which will weaken the piers and cause the building to shift or sag. Moisture that leads to the accumulation of mold and mildew will also cause the wood to weaken. The mold will get into the cracks in the wood and grow, expanding the wood and causing cracks.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair San Antonio

There are a few different ways to tackle the repairs for a pier and beam foundation. House leveling is often needed to install new supporting beams. Contractors use pressed pilings made of concrete or steel to put the house back in its original position and support the failing part of the foundation. They may also need to replace joists that have rotted, or patch them up. Re-shimming is also sometimes necessary. This involves house leveling through lifting up the floors and inserting steel shims to even them out. Some of the original supporting materials may also need to be replaced, depending on the damage.

Considerations After Repairs

The type of repair your contractor will choose will depend on the nature of the damage. It’s important to determine what caused the damage to prevent it in the future. For instance, if your foundation was damaged by rodents, then you will need to get your infestation treated by a pest control company. If mold was the culprit, then you may need a new ventilation system to prevent it from coming back. Taking those steps will help you avoid an expensive and unnecessary repair down the road.

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