Pier and beam foundations are a common foundation method found in San Antonio. This foundation design offers increased stability and resistance to shifting soils. This can be common in the San Antonio area because of the common clay content in soils. Clay holds water and this can lead to heavy expansion problems. Drying out leads to shrinking and foundation settlement with a slab foundation. 

There are a number of benefits to having a pier and beam foundation instead of a slab, but there are still potential problems that may require Pier And Beam Foundation Repair San Antonio

Benefits Of A Pier And Beam

This foundation design can offer you a lot in value and versatility. In most cases a slab may be less expensive, but in the long run there are many reasons a pier and beam could be the better choice.

A pier and beam system gives your home greater accessibility and easier access under your home for plumbing and electrical access. This system also allows for easier home additions and extensions than a slab foundation. 

Many common problems with a slab foundation are also avoided with a pier and beam. Floors are more supported and protected and San Antonio Foundation Repair Costs are usually much lower than slab foundation repair. 

Spotting Problems Needing Pier And Beam Foundation Repair San Antonio

Many of the signs of damage and foundation failing can be spotted when you know what to look for. With all foundation repairs, catching things early can help mitigate the extent of repair needed. 

Broken walls and doors and windows that become stuck can mean that your foundation is sinking causing all of your wall elements to warp along with the base. Leaning, bowing, or twisting can all be signs of foundation damage. Keep an eye out for cracks as the foundation settles. 

What Kinds Of Foundation Repair Is Needed?

This depends on the level of deterioration, the size of your home, and the extent of the structural damage. Pier and beam San Antonio Foundation Repair Costs can range quite a bit depending on what’s needed. A full installation of concrete pilings around your structure can be quite an expense, but it is good to know that there are often less expensive solutions and the nuclear options are rarely needed. The size of your home and the design and location can vary the number of needed foundation piers and this can drastically affect the costs of repair. 

In most cases, replacing the wooden components will be the key. Wood rots can develop mildew with damp conditions. Wood is also susceptible to termite and rodent problems. The level of damage and the spread of affected beams and joists will also have a large impact on the expense of repairs. 

Replacing the damaged wood is often limited to only the affected areas but can sometimes require temporary shoring supports for the structure while these damaged materials are being replaced. Metal shimming can also be used as a way to avoid a piling overhaul, but Pier And Beam Foundation Repair San Antonio can require more involved solutions at times too. 

A pier and beam system may avoid the dreaded cracking problems of a slab foundation, but there can still be damage that needs to be addressed. Pier And Beam Foundation Repair San Antonio can help fix structural problems and extend the life of your home. 

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