House Leveling Texas

You might not even know what house leveling is. It is the process of repairing your foundation so that your home rests properly on the slab. When a foundation starts to fail, the home can become unlevel, and house leveling will remedy that. The more damage there is to the foundation, the more aggressive the repair work will need to be. If you do not act when you notice signs of foundation issues, then the repairs will only get more complicated and more costly. 

What Happens During House Leveling Texas?

There are several different options for leveling a home, including pier and beam repair San Antonio. To start, what kind of foundation you have will play a big part in making the determination for what repair will work best. The other big factor will be the type of damage the foundation has suffered. A foundation professional can take you through your options after examining your foundation. They will give you all of the information you need, as well as discuss the exact process that will be involved in the repair. 

Slab Foundation Repair

Slab foundations are common in San Antonio and Texas. Damage to slab foundations tends to come from the soil that rests under the house. When it was first built, the soil was probably solid and properly supported the slab. However, over time, it can experience either excess moisture or excess dryness, both of which can make the soil less stable in supporting the slab. This is because it will expand or contract, leaving the foundation either unsupported or under extra pressure. 

This will cause the foundation to shift. House leveling Texas may be achieved through jacking up one side of the home and using piers to provide support. This will provide the strength the foundation needs to properly hold up the house. 

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Pier and beam foundation can suffer from a number of potential issues. It might be water damage, or it could be termites. Pier and beam repair San Antonio will depend on the cause and the extent of the damage. While with a slab foundation the contractor would place piers to provide support, a pier and beam foundation already has them in place. For repairs, they would use steel I-beams to provide stabilization to the foundation. The home is jacked up, and then the girders are placed underneath to reinforce the foundation. This will in fact make the foundation much stronger than it was before the problems. 

Foundation problems are not pleasant, as a bad foundation can create many other issues inside the home. Repairs can also be expensive, depending on the damage. Make sure that you contact a foundation contractor if you even suspect that you might have an issue. House leveling Texas is always better if the problem is caught early and dealt with. Now that you are educated, you will understand what your contractor needs to do to make sure that your home’s foundation is properly stabilized. 

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