Cracked Foundation Repair: Learn the Cause

cracked foundation repair, house levelingTexas is known for its wide open spaces, but it also has varied soil that millions of homeowners build their homes upon. The ground isn’t solid rock, but consists of many layers of silt, soil and bedrock. When homeowners suspect their property has a foundation problem, there are several causal factors they may not be aware of until a professional discusses them. What no one tells a homeowner about cracked foundation repair can make a situation worse.


Water Flow Causal Factors

A damaged foundation may be alleviated by just rerouting water flow. When homeowners have poor drainage, rainfall off the structure and through yards creates its own ruts. Water may even flow under the home, causing structural shifts over time. Aligning rain gutters and installing concrete drainage routes reduces moisture under the home, effectively slowing any foundation damage. Simple repairs may be possible in these instances.

Soil and Cracked Foundation Repair Concerns

House leveling may be necessary if a home resides on volatile soil. Some soil is prone to shifting, especially clay. It holds water much like a sponge, creating an expansion and contraction effect as the seasons change. Contractors should survey the soil as a preliminary step to determine the best repair process. Foundations can still crack if the soil isn’t shored up before a repair.

The Interior Damage Consideration

Many homeowners may look at interior cracks on walls, ceilings and floors as perfect clues to a foundation’s problems. However, cracks can literally be on the opposite side from where the true issue is down below. As contractors look over a property for possible house leveling, point out all the cracks possible. Professionals can use them for some estimating needs.

Several Options Exist

There is not just one expensive option for cracked foundation repair. From slabjacking to piering, each property is unique and must be treated with a specialized repair design. Contractors should offer homeowners a detailed sketch of possible repair strategies. They’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages, giving residents a chance to choose the right option for them.

Information is key to safe house leveling processes, so discuss foundation options with a professional and research ideas afterward. The Internet offers a bounty of information. Look up reputable websites discussing foundation repair to really see the differences in strategies. A household doesn’t have to be surprised by any cracked foundation repair costs with solid research behind the process.

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