Foundation Repair San Antonio TX

There’s nothing better than having a pool to cool you down on a hot day, or to enjoy with your family and friends. When people think of a foundation, they usually think of a house or a building. However, your swimming pool is on a foundation too. In fact, the gallons of water that it takes to fill the pool puts a lot of pressure on that foundation and poses the threat of leaking. The fact is, you might need foundation repair San Antonio TX if water were to get into your pool or home foundation. Here are some signs to look out for. If you notice any of them, then call a foundation repair company right away. 

Shifting Pavement 

Keep an eye on the pavement or stones that you have around your pool. If it has shifted to the side, risen higher, or dropped lower, then you could have an issue. Water may have seeped into the concrete, which has started to heave or contact in certain spots. This will cause the pavement to move and shift. It will only continue to get worse from there. 


Check your in-ground swimming pool for cracks on a regular basis. They could be a sign that you need foundation repair San Antonio TX. They are a telltale sign that the pool could be shifting. If one section moves at a certain pace, and another moves in a different direction at another pace, then it will stress the foundation, requiring a call to a foundation repair company to take a look at it. 

Moisture Surrounding the Pool

Of course, there will always be moisture near a pool, since it is a large structure filled with water. However, if water splashes out of the pool when you are using it, it should dry up fairly quickly. If you notice that the soil near the pool is always wet, no matter how much you are using the pool, then there may be a leak. The pool might be leaking, or it might be the plumbing that is attached to it that has the leak. If the soil is too wet, it will expand. This could cause problems to the pool, but it could also affect your home. If the issue is close to your foundation, then it could place pressure on the slab, leading to cracking. 

Don’t Wait Too Long for Foundation Repair San Antonio TX

One of the issues with monitoring pool foundation problems is that there is always water around a pool. This can make it hard to see when there is damage or a problem. However, it’s important to be diligent. Damage to a foundation gets worse over time, and the longer you wait to call a foundation repair company, the more expensive and complicated it will be. If you notice any of these issues, then call a professional right away to test for leaks. 

Leaks are notorious for building up over time. They may start small, but the water will accumulate until it causes serious damage to your foundation and your home. Foundation repair San Antonio TX is probably the most feared home repair for any homeowner. It can be costly, and it can come as a great inconvenience. When it comes to your pool, you don’t want to be without it for a long time in the summer! Call Arredondo today to get the best in the business to inspect your swimming pool if you think there is a problem. 

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