Foundation issues are not at all uncommon. There are many different San Antonio foundation problems you may encounter. For all of these potential issues though, there seems to almost always beSan Antonio foundation problems one thing in common. Early signs of the problem are usually evident long before repair is the only option. If you don’t know where to look or how to recognize these problems, they could quickly spin out of control and lead to serious and significant damage and a very costly repair. 

You may have considered self-repair options, but the actual process usually only offers some cosmetic repair without actually doing anything to help your house in the long run. Experienced professionals with The Arredondo Group can help you fix the issue from the source and prevent further damages. San Antonio foundation repair costs are no joke, and early detection can mean everything. Here are a few signs you can look out for that just may save your wallet. 

Look For Foundation Distress

The first place to look is along the foundation itself. Any small issue could be indicative of a greater issue that can escalate quickly. This could be tiny cracks, small signs of buckling, tiny gaps forming, mold, fracturing, concrete crumbling in areas, fine lines, water stains, or any other small or obvious discrepancy. The foundation of your house is built to withstand tremendous pressure and to support the entire structure you live in. You should not see any signs of deterioration in a healthy and strong foundation. 

San Antonio Foundation Problems With Warping And Sagging

Any small issue in your foundation will affect everything that it supports. This means all your floors, walls and ceilings will be impacted by foundation issues. Your walls and ceilings will mirror the troubles your foundation is experiencing. A good rule of thumb is that any uneven alignment may be a problem. Sagging floors or any warping in your walls, or where your walls meet your floors and ceiling, will help reveal that your something is not right. Keep your eyes peeled for small gaps and misalignments and you may save significantly on San Antonio foundation repair costs. 

Water And Soil

Your building foundation is poured onto the soil. This soil can shift, change densities, expand and contract due to weather, and can be eroded. Rain water, flood buildup, weather changes, and other factors can impact how water is affecting your foundation. Changing soil hydration leads to sometimes rapid expansion and contraction. Temperature can of course also be a big factor here for San Antonio foundation problems. This expansion and contraction can lead to shifting. If there are drainage issues this can also make certain areas move unevenly and lead to cracks and fissures. Be aware of soil and water erosion problems that are common in the San Antonio area. 

Wall Damage And Fixture Problems

Any damage to the exterior walls can be a sign of a root foundation problem. Warping and decay, or even mold and water spot problems can be a sign of a larger foundational issue. San Antonio foundation problems can also be shown by windows and doors that are noticed to be too tight or too loose. When your foundation shifts and settles, all of the alignment of your fixtures can shift. Noticing that a door or window is no longer flush can be a sign that your foundation is shifting. 

The last thing you want is to encounter a problem when it’s too late to do anything about it. Acting quickly will save you both money and stress in the long run.

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